Prelaunch Contest Rules - Terms & Conditions

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#1 YOU MUST BE 18 OR OVER TO PARTICIPATE. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Contest runs from October 24th 2017 and ends November 26th 2017. This contest is global throughout the internet and we’ve created it with good intentions, if any part of these rules are not permissible in your part of the world please do not participate.

#2 ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING WILL BE TOLERATED. Specially on the social networks. No exceptions. *Note – there are daily limits in place so that people don’t get too crazy and turn this into a spamfest.

#3 NO GARBAGE TRAFFIC. The purpose of this contest is to spread the word about our My Unfair Advantage launch to REAL HUMANS. Robot clicks or sneaky tricks will get you disqualified without warning. We reserve the right to kick you out of the contest if we suspect foul play or technical chicanery.

#4 No negative advertising. You may not do any kind of advertising that portrays My Unfair Advantage, our launch or this contest in a negative light for the purpose of grabbing attention and getting clicks. Things like “Don’t Buy MyUnfairAdvantage” and “MyUnfairAdvantage Scam” will not be tolerated. Don’t be a jerk.

#5 No inappropriate advertising. Videos or graphics of a sexual or otherwise offensive nature are unacceptable. Don’t even ride the line on this one. We reserve the right to determine what is acceptable marketing and advertising of your contest link.

#6 The contest is a random draw similar to a raffle. Points are like raffle tickets, the more you accumulate the better your chances of winning a prize. (1000 minimum points are required to win a prize) All prizes will be awarded and prize winners will be posted on the Leader Board page of this website on November 27th, 2017.

#7 Omar & Melinda Martin at Higher Level Strategies, Inc ultimately decide who gets a Prize, and what that prize will be, if any. We reserve the right to modify this contest and these rules at any time, in any way, shape or form including cancelling it if necessary.

#8 Only one prize will be awarded per participant, see prize descriptions below. Odds of winning 1 of the prizes will vary based on number of participants and points earned. Participant is responsible for any taxes due and must submit all necessary tax forms to Higher Level Strategies, Inc in a timely fashion or prize will be forfeited. Prize shipping costs outside of the continental USA will be paid by the winner.

#9 There is no purchase required to participate in the contest or to win a prize but you are required to subscribe to our list with a valid name and email address. The launch of our My Unfair Advantage membership site is independent of the contest. If you want to purchase MUA thats completely up to you. 

#10 Contest sponsored by: Higher Level Strategies Inc., PO Box 782121 Orlando FL 32828
To participate in the prize contest for free without subscription or consideration you can mail us a postcard which will serve as the equivalent of 20 points.

The Contest Instructions:

Spread the word about our MyUnfairAdvantage Pre Launch Contest and accumulate points to win prizes between now and November 26th, 2017. When you sign up to participate in the contest you get your own unique link to this website. Every time you spread your unique link using one of the methods indicated you will accumulate points. You can track your progress on the LEADER BOARD. The more points you get the better your chances of winning a prize.  The prize winners will be selected by a random drawing through on November 26th, 2017. Each point is like a “raffle ticket” the more points you accumulate before the drawing the greater your chances of winning a prize.

The Prizes:

#1 A $150 Value FChromakey Green Screen Video Lighting Kit With Softbox Light Kit & Gren Screen – Brand new photo studio video softbox lighting kit with Backdrop Stand and Muslin Backdrops. What’s included is 1 x Backdrop Stand and Cross Bar / 1 x Green, Black, White Muslin / 4 x Light Stand Tripod / 4 x CFL Light Bulb / 2 x Bulb SocketContents: 2 x Softbox Lighting Diffuser / 2 x White Umbrella Reflector / 3 x Backdrop Clamp / 5 x Backdrop Holder /Carry BagFull Package Photo/Vide Kit for Video MakersConvenience-focused Design Photo Studio Kit with Solid & Material ProductsCreates Soft Evenly Spread Lighting Stream for Ideal Photo Shooting Condition

#2 A $100 Value Behringer PODCASTSTUDIO-USB – Everything you need for professional podcasting, music production and digital home recording Get a full recording studio “out of the box” including USB audio interface, mixer, microphone, headphones, professional audio software and more High-resolution 2 In / 2 Out USB audio interface with plug-and-play for Windows XP and Mac OS X operating systems Studio-class 5-input 2-bus mixer with premium mic preamp and 2-band “British” EQ Dynamic broadcast-style microphone with 2-stage pop filter High-performance studio headphones with ultra-wide frequency response Table microphone stand, XLR microphone cable and 2 stereo RCA cables Powerful DAW software included (Kristal Audio Engine multi-track sequencer and Audacity audio editor) Comprehensive podcasting software (Podifier, Juice, PodNova, Golden Ear) for PCs and Mac computers Illustrated quickstart guide “How to Podcast” High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

#3 WHITEBOARD FUNNEL DESIGN KIT - Perfect for drawing elaborate sales funnels on your whiteboard! Vivid yellow color and large markings are easy to read, even at the back of the class! Feature removable handle with magnets on the reverse side for easy manipulation and use. This thing includes 45/45/90* Triangle with built-in 180* Protractor 30/60/90* Triangle Compass with Universal Adapter 39" Ruler and a handy reuseable case for storage and transportation to the nearest marketing guru conference room.

#4 SMARTPHONE LAVALIER MICROPHONE - Record marketing videos and interviews like a pro rught from your mobile device! Audio-Technica’s newscaster-style omnidirectional ATR3350iS lavaliere microphone is engineered for intelligible, accurate voice reproduction. This high-quality condenser is ideal for video use, and is a favorite choice for aerobics/dance/sports instructors. Its low-profile design assures minimum visibility. Newscaster-style miniature mic is perfect for video use Ideal for aerobics/dance/sports instructors Dual-mono 1/8" output plug connects to a video camera, DSLR, or handheld audio recorder's stereo 1/8" input, to record audio on both left and right channels Omni pickup pattern offers full coverage

#5 POWERED USB PORT HUB - Get all your device cables organized! Connect 13 USB peripherals such as printer, scanner, flash drive, webcam, and microscope into a single USB port. Its independent power on/off switch allows you to use the BarHub as LOW AMP charging bay without turning on the computer. Includes universal AC power adaptor.

 How To Earn Points:

1. ENTERING: 1 Point - Enter your name and a valid email address to join our earlybird list and participate in the contest! Spread the word to win cool internet marketing gear just for telling people about the MyUnfairAdvantage Launch!

2. SIGN UPS: 20 Points for each signup you refer with your unique referral link.

3. FACEBOOK SHARING: 10 Points for sharing on your Facebook page.

4. TWITTER: 5 Points for sharing a Tweet about us.

5. GOOGLE+: 5 Points for sharing on Google+ about us.

6. LINKEDIN: 5 Points for sharing on LinkedIn about us.

7. PINTREST: 5 Points for sharing on Pintrest about us.


*Please remember that you must be enrolled in the contest and use your unique link in order for the contest software to track your progress and award your points.